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I was first introduced to Sales Artist in 2012. It was the single best sales and leadership training I’d seen and the results were in line with what you’d expect from a best-in-class workshop. In my current role at a Fortune 50 company, I reached out to Sales Artist and have now been partnering with them for over two years; we couldn’t be happier with the relationship and results!
Kandice C. Director, Fortune 50 Company

Our partnership with Sales Artists led our 100+ salesperson organization to an average 30% increase in sales, year over year, for the past 7 years. We couldn’t imagine working with a better partner than that!!
Susan H. VP Sales, CenturyLink

I’ve brought in Sales Artists every time I’ve had an opportunity to lead a Sales Organization as our relationship with them has brought us consistent sales growth.  Recently, they helped my nationwide sales organization reach a 45% increase in sales in less than a year.
Ken S. Sr. VP of Sales, Fortune 500 company.

Seven years later, and I still go to Sales Artists for my sales coaching.  They helped me launch a highly successful sales career, and my adherence to the best-in-class framework they taught me is exactly why I look down at quota day in, day out, month after month, year after year.
Myles, Sr Acct Executive, Fortune 500 company.

My experience with Sales Artists was worth every minute; we saw immediate results. The best part was watching the results double, even months after the training ended.
JoAngela Morin Director of Training & Quality, UpSource

We were on the verge of joining the millions of failed businesses in 2008 and becoming just another statistic. Instead, by applying Caesar’s principle’s, we turned around recurring losses and experienced record growth in the middle of the worst economy in recent memory!
David V., Owner, Javatini’s Coffee

Caesar’s advice has helped me focus on hiring the right type of sales pros and landing major Fortune-500 accounts.
Jeff Markowitz, CEO, Creative Compound

The REAL ABCs took me from selling five cars per month, to 90 days later hitting 5 sales in one day and a top 10 nationally ranked sales professional within a few months!
Tony Goicochea, FIAT – USA

Kevin and the rest of the Sales Artists’ team helped me build a large sales organization from scratch. One that is continually overachieving on our objectives!
Sandra T. Sales Director, Fortune 500 Tech

Sales Artists’ framework has been instrumental in helping our sales organization make the pivot from a transactional-based, 65% performing organization, to a solution-based “looking down at quota” organization. I would highly recommend that any sales organization looking to make their own pivot to over-the-top performance take advantage of their framework and expertise.
Russ V. Sales Director, Fortune 500 Tech

I’ve had the opportunity to learn from Sales Artists as both a Sales Rep and later as a Sales Manager. I cherish each opportunity I have to work with them and apply what they have to offer. Best-in-Class!!
Phil W. Sales Manager, Fortune 500 Communications Firm

Every once in a great while a vendor comes along that you really want to work with – a true partner – and Sales Artists was that partner for my org. They fully complimented my team and supplemented our internal work with their best-in-class approach to sales and business ownership. I highly recommend them to ANYONE looking to improve sales, as we did with their help!
Chris W. Sr. Manager Sales Effectiveness, Fortune 500 Managed Solutions

We love the best-in-class approach to Sales, Leadership, and Customer Experience that we’ve learned in our Sales Artists’ Workshops and continue to implement throughout my organization. I’m excited to now be taking my team through the remote coaching offered by Sales Artists, which is off to a fantastic start!
Jamie L. Director of Sales, Fortune 50 Company

I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU so much for this week! It was an eye opening experience to say the least and I feel so fortunate to have had you here to get us (especially me) realigned! This system is by far the best! I have recommitted to truly incorporating the framework and process and making it a huge part of what I do in all aspects of life.
Tom M., National Accounts

I wanted to reach out and let you know that I have accepted a position with Oracle. I definitely wanted to say thank you for the leadership you have provided during my time here – I think above all other training I have ever done, the week I spent with you is the most memorable and will have the largest impact on how I conduct my actions. Obviously some of that has to do with the curriculum, but I found your mentorship to be uniquely engaging and I truly appreciate it.
Barry C.

Dedicated To Setting the Stage for the Greatest Return on Your
God-Given Talents: Professionally, Personally and Spiritually.

Our Blueprint for Results

Are You Ready to Be Transformed, Not Just Informed?

If you’re like most of our subscribers you’re always looking for ways to get to the top of your game, professionally, personally and spiritually. Your goal isn’t just to grow and learn at every opportunity, but to use your talents to make an impact in your part of the world. In order to do that, high achievers like you aren’t only wondering whose playbook to follow, you’re probably also thinking, why should I follow this person, that methodology, or any old approach packaged to look like something new.

Conform to Normal Standards or Best in Class Standards?

New books, training and self-help content created every day are designed to help you get better, achieve more and fulfill your purpose. The truth is that 90% of most trainings and self-help content are ineffective after 90 days. Or worse yet, you pay big bucks to follow a larger-than-life character who insists that you just do what they did…Work harder, smarter, faster and replicate their own conditions and circumstances…which is nearly impossible to do.

What’s the Solution?

Playbook for Results was created to deliver virtual content and coaching based on principles that work with your instinct and intuition, not against them. The principles are timeless, and therefore work regardless of conditions and circumstances. Our coaches and our content are focused on driving results in the areas that will have the greatest impact to you professionally, personally and spiritually. If you’re tired of the same old content, packaged differently, that does little to cause real and long-term change for the better… or you’re fed-up with speakers, trainers and coaches who think all you need is a little motivation… then we invite you to join our cause.

We Set the Stage, For YOUR Performance.

We would like to be your virtual mentors, setting the stage for you to get to the top of your game, professionally, personally and spiritually. Our programs are guaranteed to not just INFORM you on what the greatest in history have done to get to the top of their game; but also TRANSFORM you through a process that holds you accountable to apply what HISTORY, STATS AND FACTS say are the known successful actions that will GET YOU TO THE TOP OF YOUR GAME!

Let’s Set The Stage Now!

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The Art of Setting the Stage for Your Team to Perform at the Top of Their Game